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Web Hosting

Web hosting and website hosting to meet all needs, both personal web hosting and business web hosting. Cheap web hosting prices. In some cases we even provide free web hosting, for example to churches. WordPress hosting is available. We use Cpanel web hosting in a Linux web hosting environment. To see our web hosting plans please click here.

No matter if you need American web hosting, web hosting USA, web hosting Canada, business web hosting, WordPress hosting, or you just want to buy a domain name, we have what you need. Our prices are pretty good too! We also offer VPS hosting, and most website related services, just ask.

Website Hosting Services

Our Website Hosting Services are well priced. We provide secure and safe website hosting services with 99% uptime. If you have any questions on our website hosting services, please ask. You see our website hosting plans here

All prices are in US dollars unless stated otherwise. All web hosting services are provided by WRS Web Solutions Inc. (and in some cases other companies we work closely with). If you have any questions, please contact us (preferably before placing an order).

Website Builder

Website builder. Our Website Builder is available to all customer for a small fee. At least we think it is a small fee, you be the judge of that. We offer the Weebly website builder. A website builder allows most people to make their own website, and then to maintain their website. Using a website builder is much like using a word processor program. Most people find it fairly easy to use. Using a website builder can save people a lot of time and a great deal of money, over paying someone to design and build your website for you, as custom website development can be expensive and time consuming. This is just one of the advantages of a website builder, such as the Weebly website builder that we offer. A second advantaged of a website builder, is that it allows you to quickly and easily make changes to your website, without having to hire and pay a web developer to make them for you, and it is much faster than that process as well. Each one of our web hosting plans comes with the option to add on monthly access to the website builder, for a small additional monthly fee. For more information on the website builder please click here.

Domain Names

Domain names. We offer a wide selection of domain names. Why not browse our selection of domain names and pick that perfect domain name today? Register your domain name today, or transfer your domain name. Take your time in picking a domain name, and pick the best one for your business, organization or requirement.

Domain Name Registrar

Looking for a Domain Name Registrar? There are certainly many Domain Name Registrars out there. Which one though is the best Domain Name Registrar? Many people will give you many different answers to that question! Some Domain Name Registrars are more expensive than others. Sometimes someDomain Name Registrars will give you a domain name below cost, in hopse of getting your business, then in a year's time when it is time to renew your domain name you get shocked at just how much the cost is to renew it. (We do not do that.) Hopefully you pick the Domain Name Registrar which best fits your needs and your budget! If you wish, you can use this website to browse, pick and register that ideal domain name? Why not start right now?

Business Website Hosting

Business website hosting. Think of us for all of your business website hosting needs. Business domain names. Business website hosting plans. Business websites. Business portals. Business CMS. Custom applications and more. We have (or can create) business website hosting plans to meet every business website hosting need.

Free SSL Certificate

Free SSL Certificate. Yes that is correct, a Free SSL Certificate. The way we accomplish is is that we have the Let's Encrypt Auto SSL feature installed and activated on on our web hosting server. So if your domain's website is hosted with us, your website would be covered by a free SSL certificate. In fact this website is using a free SSL certicate right now, in case you wanted to see how well it works. That said, if you would still prefer to buy an SSL certifiate, we sell SSL certificates as well! Please click here to see the ones we sell.

Website Security

Website security. Does website security interest you? Like most things in life some people find it fasinating, ... others not so much. If it does, please click here to see the website security serices that we offer.

Email Security

Email Security. In additon to providing one or more email accounts with your web hotsing, we offer Email Security. Email Security include such topics as Incoming Email Filtering, Outgoing Email Filtering, and Email Archiving. Please click here to read more about these Email Security services.

WRS Web Solutions Inc.

WRS Web Solutions Inc. Our company has been in business since 2010. Our websites include www.wrswebsolutions.com as well as wrswebsolutions.ca and a few more besides. This website is our primary website for domain names, domain name registration, web hosting services, website builder, website and hosting related services, and many other web solutions.

Please note that this website is fully available in the English language. Various parts of this website may be available in other languages. Support is available in the English language. French language support may be available. Questions may be in any language.